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Our Team In Haiti

This is Ginette, she is the primary care giver for the children of the Saint Rock Orphanage.  Ginette began caring for two or three children brought to her by a nun several years ago.  She opened her heart and her small home to take in children that had been abandoned or orphaned.  After the earthquake in 2010, Ginette took in several more children that were newly orphaned.  She had only a small garden and a small home, but knew that it was more than what these abandoned children had.  She now has 30 children in her care.

Mariange and Irma are Ginette’s two sisters.  They also live with the children and help with all of the tasks that are required to care for them.  Mariange is a fantastic cook (over an outdoor open flame) and Irma is a beautiful seamstress who sews the children’s school uniforms.

Claudy is a teacher at the local school and also works with the children on a regular basis to help them with their homework and teach them skills that they don’t learn in school, such as painting, drawing, English, games, and etiquette.  Claudy serves as a wonderful male role model for the children and approaches them with gentleness and kindness that promote trust and learning.



Jeannita was raised in the village of Saint Rock but currently resides in New York.  She works as a nursing assistant in New York and makes regular trips to Haiti to visit her family and help with various projects in and around Saint Rock.  She has been instrumental in helping us with translation and initiating projects with the orphanage.





Odelian is a master gardener and will help us plant the gardens and trees.  We believe he is at least 75 years old and can be seen most mornings climbing trees to pick mangos and bananas!  He is a very hard worker!












Frankie is our driver.  He takes us to and from the airport and transports us to get supplies when needed.

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